Today, I am based in Laredo, Texas and offer most of my hunts on Uvalde and Webb County, Texas ranches which is an region I call a “Hunter’s Heaven”.  I have access to prime South Texas and Hill Country ranches.  Whether you are looking for Trophy Whitetail or Exotic Game, I can offer several options for your hunt. 


My hunt travels into the Western U.S., Mexico and Canada have allowed me to include hunt offerings in all 3 countries. I personally know the outfitters or landowners located in these areas and can help answer questions about what game is available to hunt. 


I am fortunate to have a supportive family that has resulted in making Hunting Etc a success.  Many of the hunters that I host are friends and I value the relationships that have been created with them. 

I take pride in offering great hunts but I take greater pride in being honest in what a hunter can expect when they select one of my hunt offerings.  Give me a call or send an email.  I look forward to listening and talking about your request to ensure that you too can enjoy your next “hunting experience”. 

Tony Arce, Jr.
Hunting Etc

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Welcome fellow sportsmen!!


Thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Tony Arce, Jr. and I am the owner of Hunting Etc hunting and marketing services.  For more than 35 years, I have had the pleasure of hosting hunters from North America on archery and rifle hunts.  I am a professional manager in the electric utility industry with expert knowledge of South Texas outdoors.  It was through my work in the electric utility industry that I developed my hunting interest into a hunting business.  As I hosted corporate events, many of the guests asked me about hunting in South Texas and through my relationships with landowners, I was able to direct hunters to the right properties.  This was quite easy for me since I spent most of my utility career between Uvalde and Laredo allowing me a front row seat of the famed “Golden Triangle” for wildlife and hunting opportunities.  My relationship with many landowners led to helping them with outfitting, hunting operations and marketing services.  


This is why Hunting Etc was created - To help sportsmen find the right hunt and to help landowners develop the right program to increase their clientele.